Another Vintage Lens/Color Grade test / by Nathan Baldassero

Decided to test out my Fujian TV 35mm vintage lens on my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. 
My buddy came to visit me in Brisbane, Australia, so it felt like a good time to take some footage of the city.
I like the softer/vintage aesthetic of what this little lens produces, especially considering it's only $30. 
As always, I tried to achieve a more "filmic/cinematic" look in the color grading.

- Shot with my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and a C-mount vintage lens (FUJIAN TV LENS 35mm)
- Shots are all handheld with some post stabilization when needed.
- Editing/Color grading work was done in Davinici Resolve 12.5 using Osiris VisionColor/Impulz LUTs